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BSMP’s mechanized process is the only way to reglue your skins if you want a guaranteed high-quality, long-lasting, safe, and convenient finished product. Rather than dealing with the mess of DIY, fill out the form below and send your skins off to BSMP. In a short time, you’ll receive them back and your glue will be good as (or better than) new.

How it works

We understand that the idea of a reglue service is probably new to you, so let us fill you in on how this will work.

Purchase & fill out form

This will give us an idea of what to expect from you and will ensure that your skins can be reglued.

Be sure to enter the shipping address that you want your skins sent back to when checking out.

Ship your skins to us

Send your skins to us at:

Big Sky Mountain Products, Attn: Reglues, 20 Shawnee Way Ste E, Bozeman, MT 59715

USPS is the most affordable option. Write your order # below your return address on the package.


We Reglue Your Skins

We will strip your skins of their old glue and refresh them with our hot-melt climbing skin glue.

Your skins will feel good as new with the strongest skin glue in the world.


Hold tight- as soon as we finish your reglue we will send your skins in the mail and you should receive them in just a matter of days.

The Premier Reglue Option

Save yourself the time, mess, and headache, of regluing climbing skins by hand and send them off to us. BSMP has mechanized both the glue removal and regluing processes in order to produce a consistent result which is impossible to achieve when regluing climbing skins by hand. We use our signature self-renewing skin glue so you can be sure that your skins will stay sticky in all conditions and for years to come. After a mechanized reglue on a well-loved pair of climbing skins, you just may find that they function better than ever.


The leading DIY reglue product is a toxic solvent-based glue which is a known carcinogen and and has many harmful side effects for humans. In contrast, BSMP's self-renewing skin glue is completely non-toxic to keep you and employees safe during both application and end use.


As an eco-conscious person, you do not need to be told the environmental advantages of extending the life of your skins and keeping them out of the landfill rather than consuming a brand new pair.
When you reglue your climbing skins, you’ll save anywhere from $50 to $150 over buying a new pair. Why throw away perfectly good plush and spend your money on a new pair of skins when you can continue to crush vert on the pair you have?
Don't sell yourself, your skins, or the environment short - try a climbing skin reglue.

The Big Sky Mountain Products Difference

  • Unparalleled consistency.
  • A higher-quality and longer-lasting result.
  • Glue that will stay sticky in all conditions.
  • Safe and healthy for both you and the environment.
  • No mess, no headache, no time wasted.
  • Increase the life of your skins and keep them out of the landfill.

The BSMP Reglue Commandments

This is not so simple as a 1-click ship on amazon. read everything below to be sure that you go about this process correctly and do not waste your own time or money.

Our process is highly effective, but it is not cosmetically perfect. While your skins will likely perform better than ever after a reglue, do not expect them to look as pretty as they did brand new out of the box.

Skins we cannot reglue:

  • Full-nylon G3s with red or blue backing material. These skins can be stripped but not reglued.
  • Glueless skins.
  • Skins with plush and/or backing material that is falling apart. We are not responsible for your skins if the textiles are in such poor condition that they either do not survive or do not take well to the reglue.

If you send us any of the skins mentioned above, we will send them back to you with a refund minus our shipping cost.

If your skins have removable tip/tail connectors, please remove these connectors before shipping to BSMP.

Write your order number on your shipping label. Be sure that the return address on your shipping label is the address that you want the skins returned to after they have been reglued.

Although this happens to less than 1% of reglues, owners of skins ruined due to BSMP error may receive a free pair of BSMP skins. We cannot replace your skins from another brand with a copy of the pair you had.

Purchase our reglue service

All information helps. Enter N/A if you are unsure.

Product Add-ons

Cheat Sheets:

A strong sheet of mesh which can be used between your folded skins for ease of pulling apart.

Note: Cheat Sheets are not meant to protect your glue. Store the skins glue-to-glue and they’ll last longer.

Tip & Tail Connector Replacements:

A strong sheet of mesh which can be used between your folded skins for ease of pulling apart.


How long will it be before I receive my skins back?

Unless if you pay an additional shipping charge, your skins will take ≈3-4 days to ship to and from us. BSMP tries to hold onto reglues for no longer than 2 weeks, so expect around 3 weeks total from sending your skins to receiving them back.

Will you reglue skins during the summer?

Yes! Since there is a bit of a wait time, BSMP absolutely recommends that you reglue your skins during the offseason so that you don’t have to be without when the snow starts flying!

Can I glue “glueless” skins?

Unfortunately, BSMP cannot glue your glueless skins for you. Glueless skins are designed with a backing material which our glue will not adhere to.

I’ve heard your glue is really sticky… will I be able to pull my skins apart?

It is true that BSMP glue has a short break-in period during which it is extremely sticky. This is well worth it, as the payoff is that your glue will last far longer than glue from any other company. We recommend sticking your skins together and pulling them apart a handful of times before your first use to speed up the break-in process. You may also order Cheat Sheets with your reglues which can be used to make pulling your skins apart near-effortless.

I see you can’t reglue G3 full-nylon skins. What about my mohair or mohair/nylon mix skins?

We can reglue your mohair and mohair/nylon mix G3s. Send them our way!
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